Young Skål: The Future of Skål

Skål International cares about young professionals and students in tourism. In 1999, Young Skål was set up with the aim of creating a greater awareness of Skål International by those young people studying for or training in the various sectors of the travel and tourism industry, enabling them to join Skål.

Many Clubs provide scholarships for students in tourism. Young people are bringing to Skål their innovative power and they will benefit from the experience of the active members who may become prospective employers. In the hard competitive world, as Skål embraces all sectors of the tourism industry, it can act as an oasis free of competition, where they can find protection and support and they might even meet their mentors!

Young Skål is a special membership category for tourism students or young professionals in the travel and tourism industry. Those young persons who qualify for Active membership cannot be approved as Young Skål members purely on the grounds of age. They must have been a student or young professional in one of the classifications described in Article I section 1.2. of the Skål Bylaws for at least one year.


The requirements to become a Young Skål member are:

(a) Young Skål Student is a student at an authorised, tourism, educational establishment which grants a degree or recognised diploma upon completion of studies. They must be a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 27 years of age

(b) Young Skål Professional is a young professional training for or working in the industry. They must be a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 29 years of age

(c) Young Skål Associate is a Young Skål Student who is still studying after the age of 27 or a Young Skål Professional still training or working in the industry after the age of 29 who does not yet qualify for Active membership. They may continue as Young Skål Associate members until the age of 35.

The Objectives of Young Skål are:

  • To develop friendship and common purpose between the students of the educational establishment, by participating in areas related to the tourism industry, but also in cultural, sports, travel and public relations activities.
  • To encourage and assist in the tourism education or experience of the members by participating in Skål activities and meeting Skål members.
  • To cooperate voluntarily in all Skål activities and the organisation set up by the sponsoring Club.
  • To promote training opportunities for its members and to acquire professional experience with the support of the local Skål Club.
  • To ensure that its members are fully aware of Skål, locally, nationally and internationally.

Young Skål members are members of the local Club and dues are collected in the normal way.

Young Skål should be represented on the board of the local Skål Club as observers. Young Skål members automatically have all the benefits of Active membership through the Skål International website.

Clubs may transfer Young Skål members who qualify to Active membership at any time, once eligibility has been established.

Young Skål members may attend Skål World Congresses availing themselves of possible special discounts at the discretion of the host Club.

Young Skål members who leave the training institute and do not enter the industry or if employed depart from an industry position would cease to be eligible for membership.

Skål Clubs should take care when selecting Young Skål members to ensure that the management intentions and potential are clearly evident to avoid situations whereby Young Skål members have to leave the Club at the age of 35 because they are not eligible for Active membership.

Young Skål members should also be encouraged to use the “Member Get Member” approach to increase membership in their Club. |  Young Skål in 2020

Press Release:
YOUNG Skål – The Future Voice of Tourism
Skål International, Sri Lanka launches YOUNG Skål Club with an evening Seminar titled "The Future of Tourism and Hospitality" – Opportunities for growth for Young Adults
Skål International Sri Lanka, an organization consisting of professionals from the Tourism and the Hospitality industry is pleased to launch YOUNG Skål.  
Young Skål is a forum created to groom future leaders in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. It offers a platform for the upcoming young executives between the ages of 20 – 35 years.  It encourages and promotes networking and interaction with the industry professionals enabling youth to expand their horizons and to take on future challenges of the Tourism Industry, both locally and internationally.  Young Skåleagues from all over the world are connected via social media  on LinkedIn and Face Book enabling them to share information and knowledge. In particular the main goals of YOUNG Skål are :
  • Providing a platform for networking, socializing and knowledge sharing amongst the youth involved in Sri Lanka’s Tourism Industry.
  • Actively encourage the training and development and provide experience and exposure to the youth in related fields.
  • Promote ethical competition and sustainable industry and community development.

Membership options of Student, Professional & Associate levels are available for young professionals who are studying or working in the tourism industry for a minimum of 2 years.  YS  aims to maximize their networking opportunities.   Numerous benefits such as training programs, enhancement of career opportunities, invitations to seminars, involvement in event organizing, direct communication with worldwide professionals for an open insight into the diverse world of tourism, are offered to those who join as members.
To coincide with the launching of YOUNG Skål in Sri Lanka, Skål International is organizing an evening seminar on the title " The Future of Tourism and Hospitality ".
The event will be held on 30th October 2018, at the Galadari Hotel at 5.30 pm. The key note speaker for the event is Mr. Hiran Cooray, Chairman of Jetwing Group, whilst the panelists are Mr Sunil Disanayake, Chairman of Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, and Ms. Dushy Jayaweera - Director Young Skål and Student Exchange, Skål Asian Area and Regional Director - Airline Representation, Hemas Aviation (Pvt) Ltd.  Moderator Mr. Nisthar Cassim, Founding Editor and Chief Executive of the Daily FT.
Participants can expect to take away many key learnings as well as network with similar fellow budding professionals and industry veterans,  for an investment of only Rs.500.00.                     
You could contact the event partner -  Helanka Vacations on 071-4264284 / 071-4539261 for more details and tickets.
The Tourism industry has been  identified as one of the fastest growing industries. Enhance your knowledge and opportunities. Come join the “The Future Voice of Tourism”- Young Skål.
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