Greeter Programme


The Greeter programme links Skålleagues all over the world, making sure you have a contact in the destination you are visiting.

Get local knowledge before you travel

A greeter in your destination city can assist by recommending accommodation, sights to see, events, restaurants and can, of course, present you to his/her fellow Skålleagues. This programme is designed so that everyone has a good time and to enhance the networking possibilities between Skålleagues.

If you're moving to a new city take advantage of the Greeter Programme to provide help and advise from a local Skål member

Start Your Travel Plans Here… Just Click & Connect When making travel plans, connect with a Skål Greeter.

Your Greeter is just an E-Mail or phone call away

You can connect simply by sending an email or by giving him or her a call. You will note the language(s) spoken by the Greeter, as well as his or her special interests. Maybe they match your own.

To add yourself as a Skål Greeter, sign up and give visiting Skålleagues your personal welcome and assistance, when they visit your city or area.

Contact a Greeter(Members Only)

Become a Greeter(Members Only)

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